​Living healthfully one thought, one forkful and one yoga pose at a time


Daily supplements, which are part of my regimen include the following:

Blue Ocean Minerals – Because our soils have been so depleted of trace

minerals, it is important for proper absorption of our nutrition that we

add trace minerals to our diets.

Mercola Krill Oil – A fantastic addition for heart health, joint flexibility, Omega 3’s and antioxidant properties.  Krill oil is my preference because they are so small.  The larger the fish, the higher the mercury, heavy metals, dioxins and PCB levels.  As an added benefit, you can say, “Goodbye” to the fish burp that is normally associated with fish oils.

Bioastin Hawaiian Astaxanthin – Many people regard this supplement as the “super antioxidant.”  Some have even said that if they had to choose only one supplement to take, this one would surely be it.

Ultimate Flora Critical Colon probiotics – They say that overall general health and disease begins in the gut.  Give your body some sweet immune support with a high-quality probiotic.

Natural Balance Fast Food Enzymes – The digestive system needs assistance sometimes when processing heavier meals.

Triphala – Powdered herb blend prescribed by my Ayurvedic doctor for whole-body balancing.

P Digestive – Another powdered herb blend prescribed by my Ayurvedic doctor for proper digestion alignment. 

Keeping diseases at bay with prevention …