‚ÄčLiving healthfully one thought, one forkful and one yoga pose at a time



       Why are some people far better at coping with troubles than others, the ones who stay level-headed in times of crises?  I have stood in awe of those who seem to have this innate ability to be able to take control and get things done during struggles, while staying focused on the difficult task at hand.  They are grounded, loving beings.

       I wish you peace as you flow through your challenges.  I wish nothing but the best for all of you who are feeling hopeless.  May you begin to seek and begin to receive the peace that is out there waiting for you to discover.  My wish for all of you is expansive love and comfort.

       This is something I have been seeking.  It is within your reach.  It is tangible.  We are all capable of attaining the ultimate LOVE.  Begin your healing within.  Forgive.  Be grateful.  Love unconditionally.  See the simple beauty around you, and be thankful.  Allow your heart to expand wider than you ever thought possible.  Strive to become an example of happiness that radiates to those around you.  The time is now to enjoy the rest of your life.  I hope this place gives you inspiration toward the beautiful flames of enlightenment.

       Peace and love,