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      Three words that shall be found here on this website often are

“excess estrogen load.”  Men make estrogen too, and are as

susceptible to excess estrogen load as females.  Chemicals

in any form can cause problems for the body.   Please take the

time to replace your household cleansers with some of the

products listed below.  Nothing happens overnight, so go easy

on yourself.  We are still in the process of learning and changing too.  By switching out just one cleanser a month, you are making a difference.  It feels good knowing that clean doesn’t have to be toxic.  As an added bonus, our plants, animals and water supplies will thank you.

Dishwasher gel:                            Earth Friendly Products

Dishwasher rinse aid:                 Earth Friendly Products

Dish liquid:                                     Seventh Generation

Glass cleaner:                                Seventh Generation

Copper cleaner:                             a simple mixture of one part salt to 20 parts vinegar

​Laundry detergent:                      Earth Friendly Products - Eco

Wood floors cleaner:                    Method - Wood for Good Oil Soap

Granite cleaner:                             Better Life - Take it for Granite

Bathroom spray cleaner:            Method Bathroom Cleaner

Bathroom abrasive cleaner:       Method Le Scrub

Kitchen and bathroom

Abrasive cleanser:                         Earth Friendly Products - Creamy Cleanser

Liquid hand soap:                          Clean Well - Nature’s AntiBac

      Happy cleansing,