​Living healthfully one thought, one forkful and one yoga pose at a time


Behind the scenes several wonderful people contributed a unique

talent to bring this website from a vision to a reality.  I would like

to thank each and every one of them for coming into my life and

placing before me their wondrous gifts.     

        Overflowing with gratefulness,


  • Brad Gordon – Amazing photography


  • Georgia Hurst – Your belief in my writing was the impetus for this website


Thank you, bountiful giver of light.           

Thank you for filling my soul with peace.           

Thank you for the gift of forgiveness.           

Thank you for gracing me with your luscious emission of love.            

Thank you for true vision.           

Thank you for giving me life.           

Thank you for allowing me to see the beauty in and around me.           

Thank you for whispering the sweet sound of your music into my ears.           

Thank you for painting me with your brushstrokes of compassion.           

Thank you for escorting me to solitude.            

Thank you for the first drop of your sweetness.           

Thank you for initiating my desire of you.           

Thank you for acceptance as I stand naked in front of you.           

Thank you for blessing me with the abundance found in silence.           

Thank you for cradling me in your comforting lap of understanding.  

I love you and shall evermore bow to you in gratitude. 

       In loving acknowledgement,